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Fort Lauderdale to Orlando Transportation Services

Floridian highways can be awful, they’re always busy and filled with not so great drivers, with iLimo Car Service you don’t have to worry about any of that. iLimo Car Service will get you where you need to go as quickly and safely as possible, they’ll remove all the stress of trying to navigate the highways.


Fort Lauderdale to Orlando Family Car Services

iLimo Car Service is always a great choice for transportation, including family transportation. Floridian roads are notoriously unsafe, so let iLimo Car Service handle the responsibility for you. All of their drivers have years of experience with Florida, they know what they’re doing and how to keep you safe. iLimo Car Service has a large variety of vehicles in their fleet, all kept to a high standard of cleanliness for your comfort. No matter what size party you’re transporting, iLimo Car Service has an option for you. Child seats are also available upon request, just make sure to call in beforehand and request them. All you need to worry about with iLimo Car Service is showing up at the right location at the right time, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Just relax and enjoy the ride, iLimo Car Service is always a great choice.


Fort Lauderdale to Orlando Shuttles

iLimo Car Service is expanding their horizons with their new childcare services. This new service spawned out of passenger’s desire for child care, iLimo Car Service seized the opportunity. This new service is kept up to the standards the rest of the company abides to. Tamy, the primary caretaker is well experienced with 9 years as a preschool teacher. She’ll work especially well with younger kids, but that doesn’t mean she’s bad with older kids. Her primary concerns are your child’s safety and happiness, and she’ll go the distance to achieve that. This new service can be requested as a standalone purchase, or in a package with transportation services for an additional discount. You can arrange for Tamy to stay at your house or for you to drop your child off at a location provided by iLimo Car Service.


Fort Lauderdale to Orlando Vacation Transportation

Call iLimo Car Service at 954-476-9999 for all your transportation needs, including vacation transportation. Don’t forget to utilize their childcare services as well, if you need to get out of the house, they can help take care of your kids. iLimo Car Service is a great choice for any of your transportation needs.


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