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Corporate Shuttles in Broward County

Many large corporations find the Broward County area to be one of the best in the country in which to hold their conventions and other business events. The venues throughout South Florida are certainly plentiful and absolutely beautiful, and capable of handling groups of all sizes. The biggest problem will be choosing which one is best, because they are all great. Another reason the area is so desirable is that they are plenty of things to keep your guests occupied when they are not at work events. There are watersports and sporting events. Of course, there’s relaxing on the beach and beachcombing for shells. The fishing, diving, and tours of the Florida Everglades are always popular among area visitors. Your guests will not be complaining that there’s nothing to do in their downtime. Not in South Florida, that’s for sure. iLimo Car Service provides quality executive transportation for business events.


Executive Airport to Hotel Car Service

It is very important that the hosting corporation ensures that their guests have proper transportation from the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport to their respective hotels. While renting cars for the guests might seem to be an easy solution, it is not the most cost-effective option for the business. When several people are arriving at or near the same time, a professional shuttle service is a much better option. It’s less expensive, and the legalities in the event of an accident are virtually eliminated. iLimo Car Service offers complete corporate shuttle service from the airport to all area hotels.


Business Convention Executive Transportation

Trying to ensure that all of the guests to the business events arrive on time can be quite problematic. People tend to stay out a little later if they are left to find their own transportation to the meetings. Most will make sure that they are ready and waiting for the shuttle, if one is provided by the employer. Missing the transport vehicle does not shed a good light on the tardy employee, so they tend to do all that they can to be there at pickup time. iLimo Car Service will be at the designated place on time to get your guests to the venue promptly.


Broward County Corporate Shuttles

iLimo Car Service offers a large selection of fleet vehicles for their corporate shuttles and executive transportation. Their professional drivers will ensure the safety of your passengers while getting them to the event on time. Call 954-476-9999 to discuss transportation services for your corporate event.


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