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Proms Limousine Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

While prom is a very important milestone in a child’s life, it is taken much more seriously by girls than boys. Girls tend to be planning for prom from the time they start their freshman years in high school. They will be poring through every prom magazine known to man, scouring each website they can find looking at prom dresses, and beg to go to the area wedding and formal attire shops to simply see what dresses are fashionable and available. Girls look at prom like a prerequisite to their wedding days. This is where they actually start to learn how to plan, as well as learn what is necessary for such formal events. The dress is always the first and foremost item on the list. Every girl wants to be the center of attention at prom, and by wowing others with her dress, hair and makeup is simply how it all begins. Your daughter and her prom date might forget about the most important aspect of prom preparation, which is safe transportation. iLimo Car Service offers professional drivers for limo service for proms in Palm Beach County.


Limo Services for Proms in Broward County

One of the biggest worries that parents have when their children go to prom is safety. Let’s face it! The kids are going to be so excited that will want to be posting on social media, taking selfies, and chatting amongst those in the car that it can lead to distracted driving. In 2005, thirteen years ago, nearly 400 kids were killed in car accidents on prom night. This is an unacceptable number, and could easily be avoided by hiring a professional transportation company to get your child to and from prom safely. iLimo Car Service provides luxury transportation with professional drivers for all prom car services.


Prom Transportation Services in West Palm Beach

There isn’t a parent in the world that doesn’t worry that their child will drink alcoholic beverages on prom night, and either get behind the wheel of a car, or get into a car with an impaired driver. More than half of the children attending prom in 2005 drank four or more alcoholic beverages on prom night. That’s scary. Hiring a car service can help to ensure your child will be safe, and will return home sober and sound. iLimo Car Service offers complete prom limo transportation in South Florida.


Limousine Services for Proms in Boca Raton

iLimo Car Service provides safe and affordable prom limo services in Palm Beach County, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Their professional drivers take the safety of their passengers very seriously. For family transportation services, iLimo Car Service offers free child car seats to keep the little ones safe. Book your prom limo rentals early by calling 954-476-9999 today.


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