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Family Transportation for Events in Broward County

The most important thing in the world should be spending quality time with your family and other loved ones. The old adage says that nobody is ever on their deathbed and regrets not spending enough time at work, but many go to their deathbeds regretting the fact that they didn’t spend enough time with their families. It’s a no brainer that people have to work however; many spend time that they should be spending with their families taking business calls, going over contracts, or confirming appointments for the next few days. While you might be inside of the same house, the interaction with your spouse and children can be significantly be impacted. Planning regular events where you all can go and enjoy an event without electronics is truly beneficial to the bond a family should have. There are a wide variety of wonderful events that are held throughout South Florida, and something is happening every weekend of the year. Once you decide on an event to attend, it is important to book your transportation. Of course, you could take the family car, but the frustration of traffic could put you in a sour mood. iLimo Car Service offers complete event transportation for families in Broward County.


Special Event Transportation for Families in Fort Lauderdale

There are so many special events in a family that need to be celebrated in a huge way. Things like bringing a baby and new mother home from the hospital, quinceanera, sweet sixteen, prom, graduation, a 40th birthday, and so many more that the list could go on forever. Whether these events are at high end venues, or held at the local American Legion, transportation is something that must be taken into consideration. Generally, there will be alcohol for the adults, so one must err on the side of safety. iLimo Car Services offers professional drivers for all of their transportation services.


Family-Friendly Car Services in Fort Lauderdale

Anytime parents are attending an event with their children, they know that the incessant questions regarding when they will arrive are enough to frustrate even the calmest person. When kids are excited to go somewhere, they simply want to be there. They don’t always understand the concept of time, or traffic, or finding a parking space. It’s overwhelming to them, and the constant “are we there yet” can be overwhelming to Mom and Dad. These questions fall to the wayside when you hire a company to handle transporting your family to and from a venue. It’s all new to them, and they feel special being in a hired car with a driver. iLimo Car Services provides free child car seats for their young passengers’ safety and comfort, and their parents’ peace of mind.


Family Car Service for Events in Broward County

iLimo Car Service is the premiere provider of family-friendly transportation in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, as well as throughout Broward County and Palm Beach County. They always provide free child car seats for their littler passengers. Call 954-476-9999 to make your roundtrip reservation.


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