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Weston Limousine Transportation

Prom season will be here faster than you can blink an eye. If you have children of the age of attendance to this right of passage, you will be made aware of this nearly every day. Well, not so much if you have a son, but girls look forward to this from a very early age. They spend hours looking through prom dresses on the internet, and they still spend their allowances on magazines, like Prom Girl, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue for style ideas. Kids tend to look at prom like it’s a transition from being a kid to becoming an adult. They will let you know they are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, even though they are not. With your parental guidance, they will have the beautiful, yet modest dress to make them look and feel spectacular, or the snazzy tuxedo that will make have that classic look of being dashing and debonair. Once the attire has been selected, and prom tickets taken care of, the parents will need to arrange for transportation to and from the venue. The kids should never drive, in the event someone sneaks alcohol into the celebration. The experienced drivers at iLimo Car Service will ensure that your teens get there and home safely and in style.


Luxury Car Service for Bachelor Parties

As soon as a guy gets engaged to be married, all of his buddies start making plans for a big bachelor party as a sent off for the soon to be groom. It’s a pretty normal thing, but the size and craziness of the celebration can vary greatly. There are those who simply opt to go to the local sports bar and grill, and enjoy a dinner and drinks, and joking around with their friend. Others choose to go bar hopping, or try to hit a bunch of strip clubs with the nearly newlywed. However, it is celebrated, transportation services should be hired to keep all of the attendees safe. iLimo Car Service offers luxury vehicles that will accommodate any size group.


Wedding Limousines in South Florida

One of the most crucial details that engaged couples leave until the last minute is setting up their luxury transportation services for their wedding day. The car is a key detail, and needs to be reserved early on in the planning. Waiting until a few weeks before the nuptials can be disastrous, as you might not be able to get the car you really wanted. iLimo Car Services has a fleet of luxury vehicles from which to choose.


Free Car Seat Limo Services in Weston

iLimo Car Services provides safe and luxurious limousine services in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton. Their professional drivers and high-end vehicles will ensure that you have a comfortable excursion. They are so dedicated to the safety of their passengers, that they even provide free child car seats for their younger passengers. Call 954-476-9999 to reserve your car service today!


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