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Parkland Family Car Service

If there is one thing that each and every person who lives in, works in, or visits Parkland knows, it is that Parkland is one of the most family-oriented communities in South Florida. It’s almost like going back in time, when you could see families playing in the parks, making sandcastles on the beach, or simply riding bicycles down the treelined streets. It’s a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family. Many people in the area opt to utilize the services of a luxury transportation company special occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, attending sporting events, or simply getting to and from the airport for family vacations. It makes sense. Nobody wants to be driving through traffic, getting frustrated with confused drivers, or feel at all uneasy on special days. That could very easily ruin the day for everyone inside of the car. Hiring a company makes life so much easier. iLimo Car Service offers complete family limousine transportation throughout Broward County.


Family Airport Transportation Services

Although the people who live on the Gold Coast are living everyday in paradise, they do tend to want to get away from their day to day lives, and experience new places and cultures. In all reality, nobody wants to be in the same place each day of their lives. Humans want new experiences, and that’s what vacations are all about. Once a vacation is planned, you will need to decide upon how you will get your family, and the luggage to and from the airport. Of course, you could drive your car, and park in the long-term parking lot. This can be costly and concerning, as you never know if someone will damage or break into your vehicle. iLimo Car Service can safely transport your family to the airport, and they provide free child car seats as well.


Birthday Party Limos for Family Transportation

Many families have large celebrations for special birthdays, such as sweet 16, quinceanera, 21st, 50th, and so on. Generally, there is a lot of food, music, and an abundance of alcoholic beverages for the adults. Drinking and driving is definitely against the law, and certainly dangerous. For this reason, most people choose to enlist the services of a professional transportation company for special occasions. iLimo Car Service will ensure that you get to and from your party venue safely, and without incident.


Child-Friendly Limousine Service

iLimo Car Service is a family-oriented company dedicated to the safety of all of their passengers traveling in Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. They provide their guests with free child car seats to ensure that the younger passengers are safe, sound, and comfortable on their trip. Call 954-476-9999 to reserve a luxury limo for family excursions.


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