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Fort Lauderdale Seaport Shuttles

Cruises are a very popular vacation destination, and rightly so. There are many that offer all-inclusive options; your on-ship food and sometimes drinks are fully included in the cost of the cruise. You can see many destinations in one trip and there are extra excursions that can be purchased, usually at discounted rates when you book your cruise. Another great benefit of cruises is that you can make payments over a long period of time. You book your cruise for a year out, or longer, then you put down a small deposit and make payments so that it is paid off closer to your booking date. Having the perfect iLimo seaport shuttle to the departure port tops it all off.


Seaport Shuttles

Now there are a few minor issues with cruise vacations that people need to be aware of while they’re planning their cruise. First, you also must get yourself to the departing port of call, meaning you have transportation expense. So, depending where you are and where you depart from, you most likely will fly into town. A Seaport shuttle from the airport or hotel is the best option to make it for departure. Many choose to spend a few days before or after their cruise in the departing town to sightsee inland as well. If you happen to be local, you still must get to port and on the ship. It is not always easy to arrange travel to the port; an iLimo seaport shuttle is the perfect answer!


Family Friendly Shuttles to Seaports

Planning a family vacation is always a bit hectic. Planning a cruise is an awesome choice, there are so many activities for the whole family. There are usually kid activities that offer the parents alone, adult time. So, it is a win-win for the whole family! The hectic can be in getting there and back from port. Kids need safety seats to travel in a vehicle, not just for safety but for legality. You do not want to have to carry them onto the cruise. So, family friendly iLimo seaport shuttles offer free child safety seats, free of charge!


Best Seaport Shuttles

iLimo Car Service is the premiere provider of Seaport shuttles in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. In fact, iLimo Car Service is the most sought-after company for Seaport shuttle services in South Florida. Call 954-476-9999 to book a vehicle for Seaport limo services today.


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