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Family Transportation in Broward County

There are always plenty of things to do that will be suitable and entertaining for families with children off all ages. Many of the local families regularly attend a variety of concerts or sporting events that held throughout the area. Those that do completely understand the problems associated with driving to and from the venues, and the frustrations of dealing with the traffic and impatient drivers on the roads. Unfortunately, most are also well familiar with the aggravation of trying to locate a decent parking spot, which tends to be extremely elusive at popular events. When you add a child or two to the mix, and it is necessary to park far away from the venue, a parent’s stress level can go through the roof! It makes more sense to hire a company to provide the transportation for you and your family. While some opt to use Uber or Lyft, that can be a problem for those who have young children who need to be restrained in car seats. The parents would have to carry the seats into the venue and lug them around. That is, if the venue even allows them to be brought inside. iLimo Car Service provides free child car seats for families attending special events.


Airport Transportation Service for Families in Broward County

Although living in the Fort Lauderdale area is akin to residing in paradise on earth, most families want to get away once in a while to experience other part of the country, or world. It makes perfect sense, as people who live far away from the ocean want to experience the beach and watersports available in South Florida. When it’s time to plan a vacation, make sure to remember transportation services to get the family to and from the airport. iLimo Car Service offers premium family transportation throughout South Florida.


Kid-Friendly Car Services in Fort Lauderdale

Every parent that has travelled with their children knows the incessant chattering, bickering, crying, and questions regarding the estimated time of arrival to a special event. It can be enough to make you want to pull your hair out! This is usually avoided when you’re not the driver and are travelling in a different vehicle. The experience turns into a pleasant and stress-free one when you hire a professional transportation company. iLimo Car Service is the “go to” company for transportation services for families with children.


Summer Special Car Services in Fort Lauderdale

iLimo Car Service provides the finest family transportation in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and throughout South Florida. With free child car seats, you can rest assured that all passengers will be safe. Call 954-476-9999 to reserve your roundtrip transportation services.


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