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Coral Springs Car Service

We all know that Uber is household vocabulary, especially with the younger adult crowd. The ride-share business has exploded in the last few years with them and other companies. And it has been a decent run for most people. But there have been so many issues with these companies, like are they really being fair to their drivers? Are they even safe? What kind of background checks and vehicle maintenance do they do? When you want a car service for something important, or for your families’ safety, we think that ride-share is not the best option. Coral springs iLimo Car Services offer reliable, on-time rides from drivers who ARE employees and have extensive background checks.


Limo Transportation in Coral Springs

We own our fleet of vehicles, so we have records of regular maintenance and our vehicles are insured to protect not only us, but you and your loved ones. Our vehicles are not used for personal use, and are cared for professionally. We regularly clean and detail all vehicles to ensure your health is not compromised. iLimo in Coral Springs car services has your health, safety and satisfaction is our utmost concern and priority. There are many advantages to a professional car service company over a ride-share company. We will ensure that you and your family are safe, not at risk for any health exposure, and that our vehicles are well maintained. Car-share drivers and companies cannot guarantee, nor would they try, any of that.


Why A Car Service in Coral Springs?

Why would you need a car service, like iLimo in Coral Springs? Do you have a job interview, or some other important appointment that you MUST be there on time and safe? Do you want to go to an event that there will be drinks, and you do not want to drive home after? Do you just not want to drive somewhere because it will be late, and life is busy and tiring enough? That is why iLimo Car Services in Coral Springs is the perfect option! And we also offer free child safety seats for your family’s safety.


Coral Springs Car Services Company

iLimo Car Service is the premiere provider of car services in Coral Springs and surrounding areas. In fact, iLimo Car Service is the most sought-after company for car services & seaport shuttle services in Coral Springs. Call iLimo at 954-476-9999 to book a vehicle today!


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